Camera Club of Richmond | Membership Education and Activities

Activities & Education (Meetup)

The Camera Club of Richmond offers many opportunities for you to learn more about photography and enhance your photographic skills. We encourage you to get involved, meet fellow photographers and have some fun with us!

We use to schedule and manage reservations and communications for all of our meetings, classes, photo shoots and events.

We invite you to visit us at Camera Club of Richmond Meetup Group and join us for 2 complimentary meetings, classes, photo shoots or events. We hope you’ll choose to become a full member of CCR. Annual dues are only $40 – opening the door to all of our offerings and opportunities throughout the year.

Here are some detailed instructions to help you create a MeetUp account.  If you are already a member of, you can find us at  Click the “Request to Join” button.

Please “Join Us” and let us share your photographic journey!