Photo Essay Night Information

Note we do not have a Photo Essay Night every year.


For our new members, you may be asking "What is a Photo Essay"?  We use the term to mean a slideshow of your photos that usually consists of music and slide transitions - sort of like a Power Point presentation of photographs with background music. 

Members are invited to present a photo essay of no more than 5 minutes in length. Your essay can be images of a vacation you took, a collection about your favorite hobby, a special event or celebration.  Be creative! Your "essay" may be something obvious such as "My Trip to Italy" or something not so obvious such as "Food."  Anything you like that has a consistent theme or common element running through it.

It is nice, but not a requirement, to have a musical background in your presentation, and it is up to you whether you wish to include any text (i.e., a title, individual captions). Also, you may want to stand up and give a brief introduction to your photo essay, or, if you prefer, you can just let the presentation speak for itself.

These essays make for a very relaxing, fun evening that everyone enjoys, whether you are a presenter or an observer.  No evaluation, no critiques, no competition; just an opportunity to share a few moments of your own photography in a special way. Ranging from humorous to awe inspiring, they exhibit some of the best and most creative photography that CCR has to offer.  We only ask that you respect all our members and guests, and remain in compliance with our Bylaw - Article I (c) - "It is the policy of the Club not to display photographs that may be pornographic, inflammatory, or offensive to the membership or to community sensitivity".   

There is a variety of software that makes it easy to put these photo essays together.  Most of us already use Photoshop, Lightroom or Elements for photo editing and each of these offer a "slideshow" option.  Also check out Picasa, Microsoft PowerPoint and Proshow to name a few other software options.   

We strongly suggest that once you have compiled your presentation and saved it to your CD/DVD or thumb drive, that you try running it on a computer other than your own just to make sure it works.  Bring your CD/DVD or thumb drive to the meeting and we'll run it on the CCR laptop.