Image Evaluations


The Camera Club of Richmond offers six "Image Evaluations" each year where CCR Member images are critiqued by professional/seasoned photographers or artists.

We are happy to announce that, beginning with our May 11, 2022, Image Evaluation, CCR will, once again, accept PRINTS for critique!

At the beginning of each year, the CCR Board determines the CCR Meeting Schedule and designates which Monthly Meetings will be “Image Evaluations”. The Board also identifies three special "Assigned Subjects" - Categories designed to challenge our photographers to tackle a new genre, idea, or technique. In 2022, those Image Evaluations will be held on:

February 9 – No Assigned Subject

March 9 - No Assigned Subject

May 11- Street Photography and/or Photojournalism

June 8 – Abandoned

August 10 - No Assigned Subject

September 14 - About Time

For complete details on how to enter CCR’s Image Evaluations, please refer to CCR’s Image Evaluation Procedures.

In a nutshell, you:

  • Should have paid your annual dues ($40);
  • May submit up to two images (2 jpgs, 2 prints, or 1 of each).
  • Must submit your digital images (jpg files) to [email protected] by midnight on the Saturday preceding the Image Evaluation. If you submit a print, you must still send a digital image, so it can be displayed at the meeting.
  • Must format your digital files correctly:
    • Format: “.jpg” ONLY.
    • Longest side: Must not exceed 1920 pixels.
    • Resolution: Close to 300 to keep file size small and reduce download time.
    • File size: No larger than 10 MB.
  • Must use the proper format for your file name:
    [Media Type]_[Title of Image]_[Your Name].jpg
    [Media Type]_[Title of Image]_[Your Name]_AS.jpg (for Assigned Subjects).
  • Must complete this Print Form and attach it to any print you are submitting.
  • Should bring your print(s) with you to the meeting – or arrange for someone to deliver it/them for you.

Here are some additional resources that might be helpful:

Print Form

Image Evaluations: Frequently Asked Questions

CCR Glossary

Image Evaluation Video Overview and Q&A for 2021
(N.B. This does not include instructions for Prints)

If you need help, feel free to contact any of our CCR Directors, starting with:

CCR Digital Director:  [email protected]

CCR Print Director:  [email protected]